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Hadrian And Renoa – “Dig It” feat. Nada Aiko



“Extraterrestrial Folk Song (My Sister)” by Nada Aiko

The lyrics in this song are taken from the neoist poem “my sister” by Istvan Kantor/Monty Cantsin/AMEN!

Neoism now! Enjoy!


My sister

my sister was growing very fast,
soon she was taller then me,
then taller than my mother,
and a few days after she was taller than my father,
and it didnt take her a long time and she was taller
than my grandfather who was really tall and strong,

and this was only the beginning,

my sister became the biggest (tallest and strongest)
girl of the world or let’s say the biggest human being
of the world because she was taller and stronger than any men,

and she was only 10 years old,

and our doctor said she will grow for another
12-14 years at least,

my mother started to cry
“my god, who is going to marry her?”

she grew really fast. You could see it.
she became bigger than our house
she had to sleep outside in the garden.
Soon we couldnt even see her head
only with a telescope.
she became a real giant
she could touch the sky, the clouds.
it took her only a few hours to go around
the world.

And one day she reached the stars.
She clung to a very shiny one and she
pulled herself up to space.

We never saw her again.

(Istvan Kantor/Monty Cantsin, 1988)

Indian air in my dead lungs (FTWSE Mix)

For Those Who Still Exist remix of Heptagon’s “Indian Air In My Dead Lungs” vocal track, 2011

Heptagon is basically Aiko Aiko a short time before Aiko Aiko was called Aiko Aiko and “Indian Air In My Dead Lungs” is basically one of their first (as yet unreleased) songs.
Maybe the original song will be featured on one of Aiko Aiko’s future albums, who knows? ♥

pour it all over me / corroding my skin / this heavy tar heart / will silence me / control my silently / echoes ever after / of his ache that binds my heart / to stick with you / and does he have ears / and what does he fear then / i will not let it in / i will still really straight / now they begin / their dance / and do you have ears / and what do you fear then / no sunlight we see / lots of black air / no sunlight / but such a beautiful night! / no sunlight we see / only black air / all charged up / in this beautiful night /