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Aiko Aiko – “Silent City” Rehearsal Session at OHO

Music: Aiko Aiko – Silent City (Live at Offenes Haus Oberwart)
Video: Pascal Holper, 2016

Camera: Andreas Kronsteiner, Darius Achim, Rainer Paul, Stefan Rosner
Sound & Recording: Klemens Mayrhofer, Philip Zauner
Lighting: Georg Müllner



now you’re on a hunt again / you’re gonna hunt us all down / gonna give as good as you got / an eye for an eye / but there’s this blind spot / have you ever faced the light / instead of cursing the night / when you’re no more than reaction / ever thought about changing your rites? / watch out / as the rays you shoot forth / could come back around / watch out / have you ever tried to grow up / instead of growing dim / is that your own expression / or the devil within? / soon you’ll be on the run / and you’re gonna run it all down / still you give as much as you got / but you forgot your blind spot / (gonna hunt us all down)



Oh! what a beautiful cross you bear / i heard you found it for free somewhere / and if i wasn’t so drowned out / by the voices in your head / then you’d be hearing me / speaking out the unsaid / Oh! What a nice place in the shade / what a nice place to invade / if only you could move closer / if only you weren’t already there / you’d be waking up instead / if you hadn’t fallen so fast / you’d still be no angel / and if you hadn’t fallen so hard / you’d still wear no halo

The Scientist’s Monologue

i can see you / i’ve no time to watch you play / i can hear you / i’ve no time to understand / could search for you / there’s no time to find you / could love you / i’ve never learned to share / the blood of my heart / so wash it away / the blood on my hands / wash it away / from my cold cold hands / my heart of stone / the blood on my hands wash it away / wash it away




at the bottom of this heart / lies a black dog / he’s there with the colours and the scenes that have never been / and when it seems reasonable / then he go and jump all over the rocks / over the rocks that you placed / the rocks with no tongues / then you’ll see everything / could come back around / at the bottom of this house / lies big ache / all the strangers staring / looking for what they’ll never see / for some relief on their own / heavy curtains open for the show that can make you forget / that the sting in it is in you now / at times it will come back around