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I love drawing, and I usually start scribbling as soon as there is some dull conversation or meaningless television show going on. Well, it’s true, I draw when I’m bored, but also when I’m happy, when I’m anxious or relaxed, or even when listening to less dull conversations.

I don’t scribble much when I am sad. Then, I often make music or write or sleep.

 Painting + Collage

I don’t paint as much as I illustrate because it takes longer (setting up, waiting for colour to dry, wash brushes, etc.), it makes more mess and does not calm me down as much as drawing does.

I also like to add collage elements and text to paintings. The (digital) collage we did for Aiko Aiko’s “Lab Rats, Escape!” album cover inspired me to do more collages, not only because we had already cut out lots of little images from magazines, books and newspapers.

What do you depict?

Recurring motives I use apparently are humans, androids, animals, machines, city buildings, plants, little contemporary angels or demons, …

Some images are serious, some are funny, some are both.


My major influence is life around me, the hidden goings-on even more so than the obvious.

I practice automatic drawing and writing and other surrealist techniques like entopic graphomania that draw on the wisdom of our unconscious.

I am interested in error, ambivalence, speciousness, (dis)connectedness, construction,


Though I have visited an art school for five years, I am pretty much what is commonly called ‘self-taught’. At least, no one ever told me how or what to express, except for “Never use black or Prussian blue!” – an advice too captivating to not evoke the urge to escape.